Fixura is the oldest company in the P2P-lending business in the Northern countries

Fixura was established in 2009. Our business idea is simple – we unite investors and private persons in need for financing in a way that benefits both. People have always been lending money to each other against interest. Today’s modern technology makes it much easier to bring together investors and borrowers, the risk diversification is also much easier and safer than before.

When investing in Fixura’s loans you have an impact on the Finnish economy and at the same time you help Finns with good payment behaviour to get their loans with a fair interest rate. And you get a fair return at the same time.

Borrower Support
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Marcus Wikars

+358 44 587 3373

Management team

David Gonzalez
Head of Finance

+358 44 041 9204

Investor support

Fredrik Carpelan
Operations Manager

Sales representatives

Sebastian Norrgård
Sales representative

+358 50 433 5050

Eric Storsved
Sales representative

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Jani Hyllinen
Sales representative

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Jakob Linder
Sales representative

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