Price list

Valid as of 1st of February 2020
This Price List will be applied to Investment Agreements and Loan Agreements signed from 1st of February 2020 onwards. For agreements signed before 1st of February 2020, Terms and Conditions that are available at Fixura’s website and dated 1st of March 2019 will apply.


InterestThe nominal Interest is 2,9 % – 9,9 % p.a. The Interest starts from 9,9 % and reduces 0,1 percentage point every month, if the monthly instalment is paid on time. If the instalment is not paid on time, the interest remains on the level previously reached.
Loan Account FeeThe loan account fee is 0,01% per day of the original Loan amount. The loan account fee is separately defined for each Loan and will be charged as 0,30 % monthly or 3,65 % yearly. The fees for each Loan can be a total of 150,00 euros per year. The loan account fees of the first year will be charged in advance at the same time when the Loan is drawn down.
Change Due Date5,00 € (maximum of four times per year)
Modify Repayment Plan50,00 €
Interest Statement20,00 €
Balance Statement10,00 € (free of charge once per year)
Refund of Extra Payment5,00 €
Paper Invoice5,00 €


Administration Fee50 % of interest income received by the Investor
Selling of Overdue LoansFixura strives to sell past due loans to a third party at the best possible price. At present, investors are paid 50% of the capital amount on overdue loans.

For services not listed on the price list, fee will be charged according to the hours used to complete the request. The hourly rate for this is 70,00€ per hour plus VAT.