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The application couldn’t be any simpler. The only thing you need to do is to identify yourself with internet bank codes and share your bank account details with us so that we can make an evaluation on your application. You will get an offer immediately without any attachments, no need for clarifications or unnecessary questions.

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To invest in peer-to-peer lending are trouble-free investments, you get a fair return with a limited risk.

Our Autoinvest-function automatically spreads your investments in several loans and re-invests your interest income. This is how you get the profit of the interest accumulation.


Forerunner on Peer to Peer lending in Scandinavia

Founded in 2009

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Fixura from Finland is the oldest company in the Nordic countries when it comes to crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.  We are a forerunner in the business in Finland. Our business idea is simple – we bring investors and borrowers in need of loan together in a way that benefits both. When investing in Fixuras loans you affect the Finnish economy positively and at the same time you help Finns with a good payment history to get their loans with a fair interest rate. And you get a fair return at the same time.

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