Stable returns

Investing to Fixura’s P2P loans is easy. Our Autoinvest function diversifies your investment automatically, reducing the risk of the investment and automatically re-invests your interest income. To open an investment account is free of charge and only takes few minutes. All you need is your internet bank codes.

  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. Yearly profit 3,4 - 4,5 %*
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. High diversification**
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. Liquidity***

*Estimated annual return on 3 year investment, after fees and credit losses, when using Autoinvest function.
**Maximum share of 3 %, with minimum amount of 20 €, of the equity is invested into one loan.
***During 2020 we will launch the Autosell function, that will allow the investment to be sold to another investor.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. All investments carry risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the responsibility of that individual. All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do.

The fair credit, a sound investment

Starting interest rate for all loans is 19,9 %. Due to the decreasing interest rate, customers who make their payments on time can reduce their rate down to 2,9 %, which makes our product very competitive. Well paying customer are lower risk to investors and for this the reason they deserve lower interest rate.

The interest rate starts at 19,9 % and decreases by one percentage point every month, down to 2,9 % when the instalment is paid on time.

If the payment is late, the interest rate will not decrease and stays on the level already reached.

In traditional loans the interest rate is fixed, but Fixura rewards well paying customers. We think this is fair.

No need to worry

After your investment you can sleep tight. Once you have opened the investment account and transferred the funds, you can concentrate on other projects and just enjoy the profit.


Observera, att kalkylatorns 3,11 % årliga avkastning, efter avgifter och kreditförluster, är en uppskattning baserad på en portfölj med lån med varierande räntor mellan 2,9 % och 9,9 %. Tidigare avkastning är inte nödvändigtvis en indikation på framtida resultat. Alla investeringar är riskfyllda och alla beslut om investeringar görs av en individ och på eget ansvar. Som investerare bör man vara varse om alla risker som en investering kan medföra.

Reasonable risk

When investing in Fixura’s P2P-loans, we will always attempt to minimize the loan-specific risk. Our Autoinvest function will automatically diversify your funds into various investments available, so that a maximum of 3 %, minimum amount being 20 euro of your available capital is invested in one loan.

With this wide diversification we will assure, that the success of your portfolio does not depend on one loan. Because of this, your investment can be spread over hundreds, even thousands, of loans. If one loan ends up in debt collection, we will automatically sell the loan to a third part, for the price as listed on Pricelist.

Risk management
  • Investment in one loan 20-1000 €
  • Risk per loan 0-3 %*

    Calculated from the free capital at the moment for the investment

  • Selling of overdue loans 50 %**

    Calculated from the capital amount

*The amount invested in one loan is always the minimum of 20 €.
**The price at the moment when selling to a debt collection agency.

A more developed credit rating model

We have created a new revolutionary model for credit rating, which is based on machine learning as well as on the transactions of the loan applicants bank account. By categorizing the applicants bank account transactions, we can create a wide overview of their financial situation and payment behaviour.

With the experience for over 10 years, we know, that applicants’ payment behavious can change and the credit model should react to these changes quickly. Our machine learning based credit rating model reacts on changes in the application, but also in the payment behaviour on already granted loans.

The purpose of credit scoring is to identify risks involving payment behaviour and reduce our investors credit losses. This to ensure your invest is safe now and in the future.

Criteria for borrowing

The borrower should fulfil the following criteria to be able to be granted a loan from Fixura:
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. 21-68 years old person with full legal capacity
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. Has had a permanent address in Finland (min. of 2 years)
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. No credit defaults
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. Bank account transactions (min. of 3 months)
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. A minimum income of 1000 € per month
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. Not more than 3 active consumer credits*
  • Checkmark blueCreated with Sketch. A clean history of lending*
*We’ll check the borrowers’ lending history and current consumer loans from Suomen Asiakastieto’s consumer credit inquiry system.

A sensible cost structure

Opening an account, depositing funds and investing is free of charge. This means that you don’t have to pay anything before your investment starts generating profits.

Fixura takes care of everything from marketing, granting loans to invoicing, this is the reason why we share the income from interest with you. When the borrower repays their loans, we earn together. We think this is fair.

To withdraw free capital from your account is always free of charge. If you would like to sell your investments to another investor, you will only pay a selling fee of 2,9 % of the sold capital amount.*

*The Autosell function will be launched later in 2020.
  • Fee for opening an account
  • Deposits
  • Investing
  • Sharing of interest income 50/50

    Fixura shares the interest income with the investor

  • Selling 2,9 %
  • Withdrawals

    Free capital

Compound interest

The Autoinvest function invests the funds in your portfolio automatically into investments. This gives you the benefit of compound interest and you can maximize the profit of your portfolio.


We have over 10 years’ experience in mediating P2P loans in Finland. Fixura has a AA+ credit rating and holds Finland’s strongest Platinum certificate, these are a testament of our financial security and trustworthiness.

A sound choice

We offer investors a good and stable profits with a limited risk. The fluctuations of the stock market do not impact P2P-loans, which makes investing into P2P a safe and attractive alternative.

Our customer satisfaction is 94%

Based on customer feedback received via Zendesk survey.

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Less complicated than property investment

To invest in property can be complicated. You need to find a suitable apartment, maybe do some renovations, maintain and find a tenant. When investing in P2P loans, you get the same passive income as in apartments but a lot easier. We take care of everything from marketing to invoicing.

Easier than investing in the stock markets

At the stock exchange anything can happen in seconds. Your investment can vary a lot during one day. The interest rate in P2P-loans is agreed in the loan agreement which makes keeping track of the investment much more predictable and easier. The Autosell function, that is launched later on, makes withdrawing funds as easy as when in investing in stock markets.

Always the right time

It’s always the right time to invest in P2P-loans compared to the stock market, as there is no risk in timing the investment. The fluctuations at the stock market do not impact on the value of your P2P-loan investments nor in the expected profit. The timing does not affect the profit of your portfolio. This is why you can start your investment whenever you find it convenient – it’s always the right time to invest.

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