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Fixura facilitates loans between people. We connect people who are in need of a loan with those who wish to invest their money by lending it to others. At this point borrowing money is possible in Finland and as a citizen of a European country, you can invest your money into Finnish loan applications for good interest rates in return. Open a free investment account today and discover the possibilities with investing in peer to peer lending.

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A safe form of investment

Security has high importance at Fixura. We carefully screen loan applicants, and we do not approve loans to people who have credit problems. The borrower uses Finnish internet bank codes during the identification process and this is a very reliable way to confirm the identity of the borrower. In addition, we always spread investments over a number of loans, thereby reducing the credit risk. Fixura is a financially solid company and it has the best possible credit rating. The assets of the investors are kept separately from the assets of Fixura, which means that they are protected also in the unlikely event that the company should face financial distress.

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Cash flow

If you invest through Fixura there will be cash flow every month just like a landlord gets yield every month when the tenant pays his rent. The P2P loans of Fixura create a similar passive income that can be withdrawn every month. It is also possible to reinvest the return in new loans, which leads to better return in the long term.

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Low fees

Fixura charges low fees compared to many other companies providing investment solutions. You pay a subscription fee of only 2% for investments below 100 000 euros and 1% for investments of more than 100 000 euros. The transaction fee on actual investments is 0,9%. Fixura does not charge any monthly account fees.


Totally automatic

P2P investments are ideal for people who do not have time or the commitment to follow-up their investment continuously. When your conditions for the investment have been set, the investment is automatic and Fixura takes care of all paperwork. Automatic monthly withdrawals to you bank account are possible, and if a borrower does not repay a loan, we will without any charge take care of the debt collection on your behalf. 

How we spread risks

Independent of the stock market

Peer-to-peer loans are not closely connected to the stock market. This means that there is no need for a special timing of the investment, it is possible to start investing any time.


You decide

One of the best things about Fixura is that the users themselves set their terms for the loans. Borrowers get to choose the interest they are willing to pay and the investors choose the risk they are prepared to take. Our users actively participate in developing our services.

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Towards a more stable economy

Fixura only transfers money that really exists. In this way, we are working towards a more secure and more stable economy. We are independent of banks and credit institutions, and our activities are not connected in any way with the payday loan sector. Fixura wishes to operate ethically, and therefore we do not offer any small loans, so called pay day loans with high fees. Through us borrowers can apply for loans between 2000 to 10 000 euros and they set their interest rates themselves.  

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Total registered users 52 195
Annual average return 10,37 %
Average loan 3 981 €, 21,5 %, 41 months
Lent capital 44 057 300 €

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ID Amount Loan period Interest Profit Instalment/month Klassification
37976 €10 000,00 5 years 15,0 % 21,66 % €237,90 ****
37986 €5 000,00 4 years 18,5 % 42,26 % €148,18 ****
37981 €10 000,00 5 years 18,5 % 54,00 % €256,67 ****
37801 €4 000,00 2 years 18,0 % 19,82 % €199,70 ***

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