About Fixura

Fixura was established in 2009. Our business idea is simple – we connect investors and private persons in need for financing in a way that benefits both. People have always been lending money to each other . Today’s modern technology makes it much easier to bring together investors and borrowers, the risk diversification is also much easier and safer than before.

Fixura has been part of SaveLend Group Ab since 2021 and the head office of Finnish operations is located in Vaasa, Finland. This means that investments previously made to Fixura loans are now made through SaveLend.



With SaveLend's investment platform, you automatically diversify your risk and get a chance for a stable return with regular repayments. What's new for you, who have previously invested through Fixura, is that you now also have a larger selection of credits in several different markets.

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Our customer support is here for you!

We are happy to help if you have any questions related to borrowing.

We are  available over the phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 to 15:00. Other times, you can reach us via chat and email.

If you have any questions regards your Fixura investments,  you can contact our investor support. on +358 6 361 2112


Exeption to normal opening hours:


28.09.2023 - Our customer support is closed today, but we are open on Friday the 29.09.2023 09:00 - 15:00


  • What is Fixura?

    Fixura is a company whose concept and purpose is to bring people hoping to borrow money together with those hoping to lend money. Fixura acts as a flexible marketplace for such interaction and as a part of Fixura’s operations the company arranges Loans between Investors and Borrowers.

    Who can apply for a loan?

    To have the possibility to be granted a Loan through Fixura, the person shall:


     - have full legal capacity and over the age of 21  years;

     - have been living permanently in Finland for at  least two years;
     - have regular income;
     - have provided Fixura necessary information required to evaluate creditworthiness;
     - not have credit defaults or overdue Loans; and
     - not be a board member of a company with credit defaults.


    Can I pay off my loan at anytime?

    You can pay off your loan at anytime.


    We ask you to contact our Customer Support team to provide you with the correct amount.


    When you pay off your loan, the following charges will be applicable:

    – Outstanding principal
    – Outstanding interest
    – Accumulated monthly transaction fees

    The borrower does not need to pay monthly transaction fees and interest according to the original loan term.