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Updated customer support hours from 01.06.2024:


We are  available over the phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays : 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 . 


 You can call us on +358 6 361 2111


You can also contact us via chat and email and we will reply to your email also outside of our phone hours.

If you have any questions regards your Fixura investments,  you can contact our investor support. on +358 6 361 2112.

We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays : 09.00-12.00 


Exeptions to opening hours:

20.06.2024 - Customer support is open 09.00-12.00

21.06.2024 - Customer support is closed


  • What is Fixura?

    Fixura is a company whose concept and purpose is to bring people hoping to borrow money together with those hoping to lend money. Fixura acts as a flexible marketplace for such interaction and as a part of Fixura’s operations the company arranges Loans between Investors and Borrowers.

    Who can apply for a loan?

    To have the possibility to be granted a Loan through Fixura, the person shall:


     - have full legal capacity and over the age of 21  years;

     - have been living permanently in Finland for at  least two years;
     - have regular income;
     - have provided Fixura necessary information required to evaluate creditworthiness;
     - not have credit defaults or overdue Loans; and
     - not be a board member of a company with credit defaults.


    Can I pay off my loan at anytime?

    You can pay off your loan at anytime.


    We ask you to contact our Customer Support team to provide you with the correct amount.


    When you pay off your loan, the following charges will be applicable:

    – Outstanding principal
    – Outstanding interest
    – Accumulated monthly transaction fees

    The borrower does not need to pay monthly transaction fees and interest according to the original loan term.

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Fixura always strives to offer high-quality customer service.

We are happy to receive feedback and suggestions for development of our services.

Technical problem?

Contact our customer service by email if you have any questions about your loan, investments or if you want to report a technical problem.


Feedback or complaint

Send us an email if you are not satisfied with our customer service, want to make a complaint about our products or give general feedback.

We look forward to your feedback and will respond as soon as possible and always return within 14 days.

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